Sex Workers Unite: SWARM And SCOTPEP March At Glasgow Mayday

On Sunday 6th May 2018, members of SWARM joined Scot-Pep in Glasgow’s annual Mayday march. We marched to demand better working conditions for all sex workers; for an end to the continued deportation of migrant sex workers; and for the decriminalisation of our work.

We were proud to march alongside other workers in solidarity with our collective struggle for workers’ rights. SWARM seeks to highlight the role of misogyny, classism, homophobia, transphobia, and aggressive border policing in the problems we face as sex workers. We proudly stand alongside all workers in resisting these policies and oppressions.

SWARM member Harley said before today’s march: “I’ve never been a part of a workers’ movement before, but I think it is vital for sex workers to be visible in places like this. Too often we are talked down to and made to feel like our struggles are not welcome in the workers’ rights movement, we’re here to say that we can speak for ourselves, and no longer be spoken for”.


SWARM member Molly stated: “It’s important for sex workers to be here on this iconic day for workers of all sorts – we are so often overlooked by the trade union movement, which in the past has even supported the continued criminalisation of our workplaces. Ironically, criminalisation makes us very vulnerable to workplace exploitation and abuse. We’re here demanding labour rights and solidarity, not criminalisation and poverty.”

Our sex worker bloc at the march was made up of a collective of sex workers and allies, from a diverse background of experiences. We stand with other radical grassroots organisations in celebration of our achievements, and to demand a better future.

Sex workers’  rights are workers’ rights.


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