Get involved

SWARM is made up of sex workers and allies. Being a ‘member’ is quite loosely defined — there’s no specific process for joining SWARM. Generally, SWARM members are people who attend SWARM meetings, participate online, organise events, get involved in our work and contribute to our aims.

Join our regular meetups

When people want to get more involved in SWARM, we usually suggest they attend one of our ‘SWARM Suppers’ events. These are monthly, informal meet-ups held in East London, usually on the second Thursday of each month, to learn about what we do, get more involved and enjoy a free meal with the community.

SWARM Suppers is open to SW and allies, but it is not a space for clients. Please respect this and do not attend events if you are or have been a client of sex workers.

Other sex work organisations

The following organisations support the full decriminalisation of sex work and can help you with support or information in various ways if you need it.

Join a Union: Sex Workers Union (SWU)

The Sex Workers Union (SWU) is a branch of strippers and sex workers in the UK, organising with BFAWU. They are fighting for better working conditions and to change the industry from within. 

SWU works with UK-based strippers, hostesses and sex workers to improve conditions in clubs through collective negotiation and individual casework. They organise to establish ‘worker’ status which will enable those working in clubs to claim basic rights at work, such as annual leave, sick pay, a guaranteed basic wage and the right to organise and be represented by a trade union. Joining the Union means if you have a problem at work, there are people you can turn to who will be able to give advice and support you. 

London SW community: London Sex Worker Breakfasts

Sex Worker Breakfasts are a free, weekly casual drop-in with hot and cold food, tea and coffee, condom pick&mix, lingerie and clothing to borrow, take or swap for something you no longer need, chat and support in a relaxed, social, sober community-led space. 

The English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) is a network of sex workers working both on the streets and indoors campaigning for decriminalisation and safety. They can help with support of legal cases, and they have a helpful ‘Know Your Rights’ guide. They fight against sex workers being treated like criminals. They’ve also helped sex workers win cases against charges of soliciting, brothel-keeping & controlling – the last two most often used against people who are working together for safety. They campaign against austerity cuts and for housing and other survival resources so that any sex worker can leave prostitution if and when they want. They have an international network including sister organisations in Thailand (Empower) and the US (US PROStitutes Collective).

North East SW Community: North East Spicy Coffee Collective

North East Spicy Coffee Collective are a small group of sex workers based around the north east of England who decided to create an autonomous social space where current sex workers can meet up & relax. Ran for sex workers, by sex workers!

Bristol SW Community and Organising: Bristol Sex Workers’ Collective

Bristol Sex Workers’ Collective is an organisation set up for sex workers by sex workers. They are committed to the health, safety and rights of sex workers in their local area. Their goal is to build a grass roots community which is for the end of violence and stigma towards sex workers.

Your donations help keep SWARM running, and enable us to continue to fight for full decriminalisation of sex work, and create safe spaces for sex workers.

If you can, please do consider donating. 

For allies this is often the most effective way to help us at SWARM.