Help us build a resilient, self-organised sex worker community across the UK!

SWARM desperately need funds to do essential work in the sex work community - running outreach events, providing support to those who are suffering the effects of violence and stigma and campaigning for decriminalisation of sex work.

Here are just some of the things our sex worker community is doing on a shoestring budget. Please donate to help us keep growing! And if you can, set up a regular monthly donation so we can rely on your ongoing support.

  • Creating safe, sex worker only spaces: support meetups in London, Nottingham and Leeds, self defense classes, clothes swaps, breakfast socials

  • Workshops and meetups for sex workers who are survivors of violence, to support each other through trauma

  • Directly supporting individual sex workers in our network who are in crisis by raising emergency funds

  • Bringing a visible sex worker presence to protests and demonstrations

  • Delivering public workshops, conferences and film screenings to advocate for our rights across the UK

  • Organising public sex worker-led demonstrations to demand decriminalisation and end violence against sex workers

  • Publishing zines and resources written by sex workers (and distributing them online for free!