SWARM are always looking for ways to collaborate on projects and research which will educate people about sex work, the need for decriminalisation, and how to end stigma against sex workers.

Naturally we prioritise projects led by sex workers, regardless of the intended audience, but we are also interested in working with people outside the sex work industry. We need people to educate themselves about sex work, do research, study, listen and learn. It is possible to do all of this without exploiting sex workers in the process.

Frequently, simply reading the extensive research and journalism sex workers have already offered to the world would answer most of the questions we get.  There are extensive libraries of resources about and by sex workers. As a start, please see our Resources.

Our focus as an organisation is on achieving the full decriminalisation of sex work, so any project that is not clearly focused around that or led by a sex worker will likely not be a priority for us. We will not respond to media requests that sensationalise sex work, that treat our rights and safety as if they should be up for debate, or that merely aim to offer a general audience a voyeuristic glimpse into our lives.

If at all possible, please do show us relevant examples of previous work, so that we can understand you and your organisation better.

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