SWARM is a collective founded and led by sex workers who believe in self-determination, solidarity and co-operation.

We campaign for the rights and safety of everyone who sells sexual services. Together we organise skill-shares and support meet-ups just for sex workers, as well as public events.

We are UK based and part of the global sex worker led movement advocating the full decriminalisation of sex work.

SWOU Sex Worker Rights Festival, Glasgow 2013

SWOU Sex Worker Rights Festival, Glasgow 2013


“All countries should work toward decriminalisation of sex work.”

— World health organiSation 


"Sex work is work. Sex worker solidarity is radical!"

SWOU - 2015


"I know sex work to be work. It’s not something I need to tiptoe around. It’s not a radical statement. It’s a fact."

Janet Mock, 2017