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Tweets about the Sex Workers' Festival of Resistance in Glasgow, April 2017 - including live tweet threads from the Thursday afternoon panels and the LGBTQI Community Discussion
Shout out tonight to @SexWorkerOU and @ScotPep - thank you for making us heard. Appreciate you so much. Pls keep fighting <3"
"At times like these I am incredibly thankful for @ScotPep and @SexWorkerOU - these orgs are the light in my life at an incredibly dark time"
"When it comes to looking after each other, and so often SW activism is left out of history. But we fight hard to have our voices heard."
"The sex worker community is one of the most supportive, powerful and caring groups I ever did know. I feel so blessed to be part of grateful for groups like @uglymugsie @SexWorkerOU @GlobalSexWork @ScotPep @respectqld for tirelessly looking out for us workers."
"Another ace thing abt @SexWorkerOU is getting safety tips and giving / getting support. Services rarely support us, but united we are strong"
"...If hoes don’t get it, shut it down — black sex workers’ lives matter."
Shagasyia Diamond